Stylish Branded Onesies with Layered Soft Mesh Tutus

$ 14.00


This elegant girls’ tutu skirt paired with a onesie was explicitly designed for your princess. This stylish tutu skirt is a high-quality addition to your little girl’s wardrobe. A high-quality mesh and cotton combination is used to make the skirt. Since the waist is elastic, a belt is not necessary. The skirt is adorable and distinctive because of the self-tie bow pattern at the waist. The bow pattern at the waist makes it hip and fashionable for your child. It extends a little at the waist and is silky and comfy. Because of its adaptability, this skirt may be worn alone or with other clothing pieces in her closet, such as bodysuits, tops, turtlenecks, and t-shirts.

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Stylish Branded Onesies with Layered Soft Mesh Tutus
$ 14.00
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